Sunday 11 March 2007

RUC/PSNI given more time for interrogation

The RUC/PSNI/MI5 has been given more time by the British "authorities" in the Six Counties to question Gerry in relation to an alleged incident in 1981, after their initial attempts to extract co-operation proved unsuccessful.

British security forces in Antrim were granted an internment extension by the occupation courts on Saturday evening, allowing them to hold Gerry for another 48 hours, and proceed with invasive interrogation measures. So much for the "Good Friday Agreement".

All of our thoughts and prayers are with Gerry's wife, Maria and their three children during this trying time.

This is yet another example of undiluted political policing, the days of which Provisional Sinn Féin's leadership told voters, prior to the recent election, were long gone. Now, the PSF supremos have either been proven catastrophically wrong, or outed as bare-faced liars.

Gerry's supporters have looked for signs from the PSF leadership that they will turn away from their decision to embrace British policing in the Six Counties, in light of recent developments. But such signs have not materialised.

The RUC/PSNI/MI5 - despite the promises of Messrs. Adams and McGuinness - was never intended to be an apolitical force, as it is one of many important weapons employed in destroying the dream of a united Ireland, and maintaining London's grip on this island.

It's now been proven that grassroots Republicans were conned into accepting this arrangement. Provisional Sinn Féin has negotiated itself into a cul-de-sac, forced to bow and courtsey to the DUP in a British assembly. Meanwhile, the man who was most vocal in standing up to these suicidal policies has been locked up by Ulster's so-called "civic police", before he could even survey the results of Wednesday's election.

The help of genuine Republicans and Irish patriots in the 32 Counties, as well as in the United States and further afield, is needed more than ever. There are many people you can contact to condemn the arrest and internment of Gerry, including the Office of the Ombudsman, Nuala O'Loan; the British Ambassadors in both the 26 Counties and the United States; the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin; or even the interrogation centre at Antrim RUC/PSNI station itself. Supporters in the U.S. should contact 937-418-1478 to offer their support.

You may listen to the latest broadcast of Radio Free Éireann here, where John McDonagh and Sandy Boyer talked to Gerry's election agent, Joe McNulty, and discussed ways of getting the word out in support of Ireland's latest political prisoner.


Anonymous said...

I listened to RFE last night as always, and this is really difficult to take in. That so many others in public life could have been arrested yet not one was, the only one to be arrested was an opponent of Provisional Sinn Fein. Thats not coincidence. Gerry should be released and returned to his family who must be on his mind at this time.
This small family is in our thoughts. We all thought this treatment of fathers was a part of the past.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I think it is pretty obvious that the security forces must have been 'Fed' with some allegation for them to attempt this stick up. The extension would only have been granted because the initial patch could not be fitted, they hope no doubt to grind away at Gerry in those 48 hours.
God Bless you Gerry