Saturday 10 March 2007

Internment of Gerry McGeough demands that Sinn Féin come clean on policing

Gerry McGeough remains in custody after his initial arrest on Thursday, March 8, where it is presumed that he is under intense interrogation. Through all available information presented, it is believed that Mr. McGeough’s legal representation is close by to prevent any affliction or misrepresentation of statements made under duress.

The forty-eight hour time lapse since his arrest will ensure that Mr. McGeough cannot complain or demand a recount of the election votes. At this point, it is probable that his detention will be prolonged continuously until all ballots are successfully lost.

Members of the Sinn Féin Party, whom represent Mr. McGeough’s opposition in the race, appear in the media that they are concerned about his illegal detention. However, his candidacy was obviously not going to displace any Unionist votes given his political, social, and religious ethos, but his candidacy was going to displace Sinn Féin votes given those same aforesaid attributes. Therefore, it is illogical to believe that the outspoken Sinn Féin members actually want him released, but it is logical to believe that they’re covering up for their suspected and probable contribution towards this arrest. We will keep you informed as events progress concerning Mr. McGeough.

Please remember Mr. McGeough and his family in your prayers.

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Brian Halpin said...

I totally support your campaign. Release Gerry McGeough!