Thursday 15 February 2007

Vote No. 1!

Gerry McGeough - Editor of The Hibernian Magazine, History Teacher, Author and former IRA volunteer - Your Independent Republican Candidate for Fermanagh/South Tyrone
  • - A No. 1 vote for me is a vote for a United Ireland. Through peaceful, political means I will advocate that the demand for a 32 County Irish Republic be put firmly back on the agenda.
  • - We must put an end to the constant stream of concessions to the British and the DUP. A vote for me sends a clear message to Paisley, McCrea and the rest of their outfit that the days of push-over Republicanism are over. The Catholic people of the North have been insulted far too often. No more crawling to the DUP!
  • - In a direct appeal to the decent, patriotic grassroots Sinn Féin voters, I ask that you lend me your vote for this election in order that, together, we might restore our sense of national pride and promote traditional Republican ideals once again.
  • - Those who ask Irish nationalists to support and join the PSNI/RUC, and to inform upon our neighbours, are insulting and betraying everything that Irish Republicans have ever stood for. A vote for me is a rejection of this policy.
  • - If elected, I will block all attempts to have the 1967 British Abortion Act extended to the Six Counties.
  • - Also, I will unflinchingly address the concerns of Irish political prisoners and their families.
  • - I pledge to oppose the imposition of Water Rates and reject the recommendations of the Bain Report, which will lead to the closure of small schools.
  • - The people of Fermanagh/South Tyrone are crying out for a political representative who will actually do some constituency work. I, too, want the roads repaired - help me get started.
  • - I am on record as having called for a reduction in Corporation Tax to the level of that in the 26 Counties, in order to benefit the local economy. My position remains unchanged.
  • - The moratorium on Rural Planning must be tackled.
  • - I will also work to restore and protect our Irish townland placenames.

If elected, I propose to take my seat in order to directly confront the DUP as well as keep an eye on the Sinn Féin leadership, in case they should decide to go on another concessions spree.

In addition, from a purely pragmatic point of view, it is necessary to take the seat if I am to implement the above manifesto. Needless to say, I wish to see a full British withdrawal from Ireland as soon as possible, and will continue to work uncompromisingly towards that goal.

Éirinn go Brách - Ireland forever!


Anonymous said...

God bless you, Gerry - The true Gaelach of Alba are with you!

Liam Lynch said...

Best of luck to you and all candidates standing on an Anti British Policing ticket. Have you given any consideration as to how best you can develop and direct the mandate that you will receive?

Anonymous said...
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Aaron McDaid said...

The dark green colour scheme makes it difficult to read the text. It might look OK for some people, but colours often look different on different people's computers - you might be missing out many potential voters if they can't read your blog.

Could you make it a lighter green, or else have the text against a white background, and only have the darker green for the edges of the page?

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...

Just wondering why RSF are running against you? Is it because you supported the GFA which after all was the real recognition of the state that is Northern Ireland?"

I presume it's connected with his ultra-catholic views regarding the political usefulness of the Rosary, the evils of contraception, the Illuminati, and other crack-pot theories that mean that even they, and certainly mainstream catholic churchmen, would be embarrassed to see seen in his company.

Webmaster said...


You shouldn't have any problems seeing the text, as it is against a white background! Perhaps it's the size of your monitor... I'm reluctant to make the green too bright as it may look gaudy.

parcifal said...

have to time to pop over to slugger's and answer your critics?

webmaster said...


I hope you're happy with the changes!

To "parcifal", Gerry has enough on his plate right now without becoming embroiled in "comment" battles with anonymous posters.

east tyrone remembers said...

I'm glad that someone has finally had the courage to stand in tyrone against those sell-outs in Sinn Fein. Obviously I am disappointed you are taking your seat but I can live with that as long as you stand up to adams and company while you are there.... As an ex- POW you will get my vote and many others from my former comrades in Long Kesh . Keep up the good work

Flynny said...

All the best Gerry in FST, its great to see someone with the courage of their convictions and moral backbone standing against Adams McGuinness and co, who have systematically destroyed the movement in favour of a pro brit liberal agenda.

Anonymous said...


Nice to see real republican values expressed with no apologies!

The SF Movement in Tyrone just like here in South Derry leaves a lot to be desired!

As a former H-Block Blanket man I salute you comrade

Stand True Always

Oglaigh Na hEireann Abu! Beir Bua Mo Chara