Saturday 17 February 2007

England, get out of Ireland!

Featured in the February 2007 edition of The Hibernian:

When it comes to implementing the policy of "Divide and Rule", the British Establishment is second to none.

In Ireland, this age-old policy has served the British well over the centuries and continues to do so to this very day. In fact, the English Crown forces could never have exercised control in Ireland had it not been for their ability to use one group of Irishmen against another.

In recent weeks, we have witness a text-book deployment of this counter-insurgency policy that must have British Intelligence mandarins rollicking with glee. Through the use of long-term double-agents and informers, the British have succeeded in turning the once formidable opponent that was the Irish Republican movement into a compliant ally that will implement British rule in Ireland for the foreseeable future.

We now find ourselves watching in disbelief as a president of Sinn Féin, who for decades urged young Republicans to struggle against British Crown forces in Ireland, is now asking young Irishmen and women to put on British uniforms and inform on fellow Irishmen in order to uphold English rule in our country. By recognising and endorsing the crown forces, the Sinn Féin leadership has, de facto, conferred legitimacy upon the British presence in Ireland.

This is unacceptable. All true Irishmen and women must register their disgust at this betrayal by rejecting Sinn Féin outright at the polls in forthcoming elections. The Irish Nation is not for sale, and England's only mission here is to get out once and for all.

The February edition of The Hibernian is on sale now at €2 (£1.50 STG), and features a ripping argument by Martin Galvin against British policing in Ulster, some very interesting items on the history of Fermanagh and Tyrone, M. Deaglán Bairéid's Irish-American view, and lost more. Subscriptions may be ordered here.

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