Sunday 18 February 2007

On the campaign trail

The campaign in Fermanagh/South Tyrone continued today, and I received tremendous support from people on the ground, and in Enniskillen in particular, where voters have continued to express their disgust at Sinn Féin's sell-out.

I also spoke with John McDonagh and Sandy Boyer on New York-based Radio Free Éireann about the forthcoming election. The interview may be downloaded
here when it's posted over the coming days, and another interview which took place in January may be downloaded here.


Anonymous said...

Mr McGeough, a blogspot is not enough to publicise for an election campaign. Why don't you and the other independent republican candidates do an election PEB and put it on you tube? The DUP/SF/UUP/Greens have all done this. These video/PEB's are then lifted and embedded in other sites which would ensure a little more advertising. Also publicise an e mail on your blogspot and circulate it, you can use your own e mail or set one up for this purpose, that way people can contact you privately for any suggestions.

Webmaster said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Anon, and I've passed word onto Gerry about the PEB, and it's certainly an excellent idea. All measures are being taken into consideration right now.

I probably haven't made the e-mail address clear enough, but there is a link to the suggestions e-mail on the sidebar, just above the campaign phone number - it's

Anonymous said...

If you need any help with it, or are in need of a good camera to edit your film for you tube or a PEB outside of that let me know here and I will e mail you. I will do it for you, though I do not live in FST. You tube will only allow ten minutes, but google video will allow what ever you like via a desk up loader.

Sorry I didn't see your e mail advertised. My apologies. What ever the outcome, good luck with your campaign. I will certainly be voting on an anti ruc stand this election.

webmaster said...

Anon, I've passed your kind words of support onto Gerry. As far as I know, he has the YouTube angle covered and a PEB video will appear here ASAP. If you have any further suggestions, please contact the campaign line :)